MRZ Scanner

With the MRZ Scanner it is Possible to Scan, Read and Verify the Machine Readable Zone of ID Cards, Passports or Other Suitable ID Documents

Extract data from MRZ fields on identity documents with our MRZ Scanner

Our machine readable zone (MRZ) scanner enables you to extract personal or document specific data from international identity documents with your mobile application.

Fast and accurate MRZ data capture

Data extracted as key-value pairs are the basis for automatic further identity checking and verification. Extract all relevant personal data from MRZ and enable your customers to independently provide their identity in your app. This allows you to automate processes in the areas of travel, shipping, or finance.

MRZ Scanner – identify, capture and read data from MRZ zone

The MRZ Scanner is part of the MOBILE SCAN SDK and supports reading and recognition of two-line (td-3, td-2) and three-line (td-1, MRV-A, MRV-B) MRZ standards.

What is a MRZ?

An MRZ consists of multiple lines of alphanumeric characters and can be found on ID cards and passports.

The MRZ contains information on the

  • holder (name, surname, date of birth)
  • the document (document number, expiration date, type)
  • the issuing country

in a standard format that can easily be parsed by follow-up processes.

MRZ Scanner & Parser - Kinegram Digital Solutions

How the MRZ Scanner reads data from the MRZ

To meet strict privacy requirements, the OVD Kinegram MRZ scanner does not need to take a photo of the MRZ area. Our MRZ scanner recognizes and extracts the data directly from the video stream of the smartphone camera using OCR and forwards the obtained MRZ data directly to follow-up processes, e.g. the OVD Kinegram eMRTD Connector.

MRZs are scanned using OCR text recognition. This is facilitated by the OCR-B font, which eases reading by electronic devices.

Scanning and decoding an MRZ involves three steps:

  1. The MRZ Scanner captures the MRZ area of the document to be read.
  2. MRZ is captured by OCR; MRZ data is being extracted.
  3. The MRZ Scanner validates the extracted information against the check digits of the MRZ. If this fails, it outputs an error and the scan can be repeated.

Our MRZ Scanner has modern text recognition software integrated and is also able to read the information directly from the viewing pane in the app. If the MRZ data is combined with a scan of the ID card or passport, errors can be largely eliminated.

Integration of our MRZ scanner into apps

With our MOBILE SCAN SDK (available for iOS and Android) you are able to enrich your apps with features for secure reading of MRZ information. Our MRZ scanner is part of our MOBILE SCAN SDK and includes all the features you need for fast and reliable scanning of MRZs on ID cards and passports. It allows you to extract information and automatically assign the correct data types.

MRZ scanner and eMRTD Connector

The data captured by the MRZ scanner can also be used directly with our eMRTD Connector. With the MRZ data, the eMRTD Connector logs on to the chip on the ID card and reads out further information to check and verify identities.

Experience seamless identity document verification in an instant

Instantly verify passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses and other identity documents to attract more customers.

Smooth identity verification

The OVD Kinegram MRZ Scanner (available for iOS and Android) ensures a secure and seamless customer experience. It’s designed to make identity verification easy, fast, and fraud-proof, regardless of credential.

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