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Secure Identity Verification for Airlines Eases Self Check-in and Speeds up Onboarding

An airline is obliged to check the identity of its passengers. This also applies when entering countries without border controls. The identity check by ground personnel is equivalent to the presentation of an ID card or passport.

Flying is prohibited without identity verification

If you want to board a plane at the airport, you must be able to identify yourself with a passport. During passport control at an airport, the data is checked to determine whether you are the person who booked the ticket. However, a passport check is not only carried out before departure, checks are also carried out on entry to prevent unauthorized immigration, for example.

The identity verification is carried out by the airline’s ground staff and is done by presenting the identity card or passport. A real identity check, i.e., a biometric comparison of the traveler with his ID card and boarding pass, is a sovereign task and would have to be performed by a police officer, not by airline or airport staff.

This is time-consuming, can cause long waiting times and lead to frustration among travelers. It would be better, because it would be faster, more efficient and more convenient, if the identity of travelers were securely verified directly at (online) check-in and if the identity was already known at check-in/boarding.

Our solution for secure identity verification for airlines

As airlines increasingly move towards a digital travel experience, identity verification has become an essential part of the booking and check-in/onboarding process. By providing a seamless and secure travel experience, airlines can gain a competitive advantage in this highly competitive market.

Use Case Airlines of Kinegram Digital Solutions

Secure and state-of-the-art identity verification with ID card and smartphone

Our solution verifies digital identities of customers at the highest level of trust and enables easy and timely verification with the online ID function in their passports. In this way, airlines can offer their passengers a fast and secure identification option from the comfort of their own home in a simple, affordable and convenient way.

Identity Verification with OVD Kinegram

Our secure identity verification solution for airlines can be flexibly adapted to the respective needs and follow-up processes of your company.

Enable fast & secure check-in processes for airlines

From data retrieval through fast passport scanning to a comprehensive digital check-in process including biometric verification and capture of necessary travel documents, our solutions support simple and fast check-in processes and correct travel data that comply with IATA requirements.

Secure verification and onboarding of customers

By deploying an automated airline identity verification solution, you can start onboarding new customers around the clock. Our products and solutions support automated workflows and the secure transfer of identity data to follow-up processes and subsequent IT systems.

Digital identity verification for airlines facilitates a relaxed travel experience

By verifying a traveler’s identity at the beginning of the trip, identity verification can help streamline the travel experience by eliminating the need for manual document checks during travel.

Our solutions enable the secure identification, fast check-in, and easy onboarding for airlines


Self check-in

Many airlines allow passengers to self check-in at a web-connected kiosk in the airport or through the airline’s mobile app. Self-service check-in eliminates long and frustrating check-in lines by allowing passengers to automatically verify their identity and documents. With our SDKs for iOS and Android, it is easy and straightforward to extend your own smartphone app with secure identity verification capabilities.


Faster check-in on the go

For many airlines, mobile check-in is fast becoming the new gold standard. But checking in on a small phone screen can be tedious and frustrating. Especially when there are piles of forms with lots of data to enter. Identity verification can reduce mobile check-in time from two minutes to twenty seconds during the flight booking process.


Easy boarding

Today’s passports include a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. Its contents can be read by an ID verification application. Since passengers must have their identity scanned as a security measure upon boarding, identity verification applications on their smartphones can easily scan the NFC chip and confirm their identity without the need for security personnel.


Better customer experience

To optimize conversion rates and avoid abandonment, it is essential to balance fraud prevention with the customer experience. Airlines can use digital ID verification services to streamline transactions. They can scan government-issued IDs and automatically extract the information to fill out online forms. The result is a positive customer experience, whether they are booking a flight or enrolling in a frequent flyer program.

OVD Kinegram is the global leader in protecting identities

120+ Countries

KINEGRAM technology has been chosen by more than 120 countries to protect their most important identity documents.

35+ Years of Innovation

For more than 35 years, OVD Kinegram has been the main innovation driver in security solutions for government documents.

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