MRZ Reader SDK iOS

How to use the iOS Framework kds-mrz-reader-sdk-ios Which is Responsible for Scanning the MRZ

MRZ Reader SDK: kds-mrz-reader-sdk-ios-release

Read me for framework version: 1.9.x

The MRZ reader could detect and parse the five main types of Machine Readable Travel Documents, according to ICAO:

Example App

Inside the folder Example there is an Xcode project, that shows the usage of the SDK.


  • Xcode 10
  • Swift 4.2
  • Deployment Target 11.0 or higher


The easiest way is to use CocoaPods. It takes care of all required frameworks and dependencies. Just add this line to your Podfile

pod 'kds-mrz-reader-sdk-ios-release',
    :git => ''

or (for local usage)

pod 'kds-mrz-reader-sdk-ios-release', :path => '../kds-mrz-reader-sdk-ios'

As this SDK is build as a dynamic framework, you have to use the target parameter use_frameworks! in the Podfile. After pod install the sdk is ready to use in your app.


To use the SDK, you have to import the module:

import kds_mrz_reader_sdk_ios

To use the MRZ reader in your app, instantiate the viewcontroller using the static function createInstance:

let kdsMrzScanner = KDSMrzRootVC.createInstance(delegate: self)
self.present(kdsMrzScanner, animated: true, completion: nil)

The mrzVC will call the related delegate methods defined in the protocol KDSMrzScannerVCDelegate:

extension YourViewController : KDSMrzScannerVCDelegate {
  func scanMrzDidComplete(withMrzInfo mrzInfo: MrzInfo) {
    debugPrint("scanMrzDidComplete: \(mrzInfo)")
  func scanMrzDidComplete(withIdlInfo idlInfo: IdlInfo) {
    debugPrint("scanMrzDidComplete: \(String(reflecting: idlInfo))")

  func scanMrzDidComplete(withParsingError error: MrzParserError) {
    debugPrint("scanMrzDidCompleteWithError: \(error)")

  func scanMrzDidCancel() {
    debugPrint("scanMrzDidCancel: User cancelled Scan")

  func scanMrzDidSkipScanning() {
    debugPrint("scanMrzDidSkipScanning: User skipped Scan")


The appearance of the mrz reader vc could be modified using a configuration struct.

  let configuration = KDSMrzScannerConfiguration(
      navBarColor: UIColor.darkGray,
      navBarTintColor: UIColor.white,
      displayTopInfo: KDSMrzHintText.text(hintText: "Customized Guidance Text"),
      displaySkipButton: true,
      shouldRotateImage: true,
      detectionMode: KDSMrzDetectionMode = .mrzTextAndPdf417

  //present the KDSMrzRootVC modally
  let kdsMrzScanner = KDSMrzRootVC.createInstance(
    delegate: self,
    withConfiguration: configuration)

  self.present(kdsMrzScanner, animated: true, completion: nil)

To hide the top info bar completely, just use the ...displayTopInfo: KDSMrzHintText.hidden enum value.

Used structs and enums

1. Success Case: MrzInfo

The delegate method scanMrzDidComplete(withMrzInfo mrzInfo: MrzInfo) contains a struct of type MrzInfo as result. This struct contains all parsed values from the MRZ:

public struct MrzInfo {
  public let documentCode: String
  public let documentNumber: String
  public let surname: String
  public let givenNames: String
  public let gender: String
  public let dateOfBirth: Date
  public let dateOfExpiry: Date
  public let nationality: String
  public let issuingState: String
  public let optionalData: String

2. Error Case: MrzParserError

If there was a problem parsing the mrz the delegate method scanMrzDidComplete(withParsingError error: MrzParserError) contains an enum which specifies the problem:

public enum MrzParserError: Error {
  case invalidCheckSum(field: MrzParserCheckSumField)
  case invalidLength
  case invalidStructure
  case notRecognized

If the error is from type invalidCheckSum it contains the field for which the checksum doesn’t match:

public enum MrzParserCheckSumField {
  case documentNumber
  case birthDay
  case expiryDay
  case composite
  case personalNumber

Additional hints

1. NSCameraUsageDescription in Host App

As the KDSMrzScannerVC needs camera access, the host app have to put a usage description inside it’s Info.plist, otherwise the app crashes. Please add a string like this to the Info.plist of the host app:

$(PRODUCT_NAME) needs camera access to scan your documents.

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