Build Trust, Eliminate Fraud, and Onboard More Customers Easier and Faster with our Secure and Scalable Products

Our products are innovations that enable the reliable reading, verifying and inspecting of passports, ID and driver license cards. Identities can be inspected, verified and authenticated beyond any doubt for secure travel, customer on-boarding, traveler identification and other use cases.

The SDKs are characterized by extremely reliable functionality and high-speed delivery of results. They deliver an excellent performance unparalleled by other solutions in the market, and unimpeded by varying light conditions, including very bright or very dark surroundings.

MRZ Scanner & Parser - Kinegram Digital Solutions

MRZ Scanner

With the MRZ Scanner it is possible to scan, read and verify the machine readable zone of ID cards, passports or other suitable ID documents.

eMRTD Connector

The eMRTD Connector handles the communication between the chip of an electronic machine readable travel document (eMRTD) and supports the Document Validation Server (DocVal Server) to perform ICAO conform tests.

eMRTD Connector - Kinegram Digital Solutions
DocVal Server - Kinegram Digital Solutions

DocVal Server

Trustworthily acquire a customers identity by establishing secure communication between the trusted Document Validation Server (DocVal Server) and the eMRTD to verify an ICAO compliant chip.


The DIGITAL SEAL app is a demonstrator for the document authentication SDKs of OVD Kinegram and allows a low-friction evaluation experience.


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