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User-friendly and Secure Identity Verification for Hotels

You would like to make your guests’ stay as pleasant as possible? This includes a fast check-in and user-friendly self-service solutions. With our products and solutions, we support the digital transformation of your hotel for satisfied guests and a successful future.

Delight your guests with a seamless digital journey

As travelers increasingly move towards a digital travel experience, digital identity verification has become an essential part of the booking and check-in process of hotels. By providing a seamless and secure travel experience, hotels will gain a competitive advantage in this highly competitive market.

By verifying a traveler’s identity at the start of their journey, identity verification can help optimize the travel experience by eliminating the need for manual document checks during travel.

Identity verification can also help improve security by ensuring that only authorized travelers are granted access. Secure identity verification is therefore the catalyst for a digital travel experience that is both convenient and secure.

Optimal identity verification and check-in processes for hotels

From accurate data retrieval through quick scanning of the ID card to a comprehensive digital check-in process including biometric verification and capture of necessary travel documents, our solutions offer you a modular check-in process and valid travel data tailored to your exact needs.

Scalable identity verification for the best digital travel experience

Our server based chip verification supports hotels with customized and widely automated solutions for chip-based identity verification. With our solutions, travel and hotel businesses increase their operational efficiency in terms of costs while supporting convenient check-in processes for guests.

From convenient travel bookings to digitized check-in processes, we offer scalable solutions for every business size, use case and market requirement.

Use Case Hotels of Kinegram Digital Solutions

Prevent hotel fraud and protect your revenue

Fraud is a serious problem that can cost hotels a lot of money. There are many ways of hotel fraud, but one of the most common is identity theft. To prevent hotel fraud, it is important to verify guests’ identities at check-in.

This can be done by asking guests to present valid identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. By using OVD Kinegram’s versatile and easy-to-integrate digital solutions, hotels and travel agencies help prevent fraud and protect their business.

Individual identity verification solutions for hotels


In many countries, hotels are obliged to record guest data and – depending on the legal situation and data protection requirements – store it for a mandatory number of years. With our innovative products and SDKs, you avoid the manual and often error-prone filling out of data on the computer and speed up the check-in process. You can enhance your business applications with our server-based chip verification functions and thus read out the data of the ID document at check-in. In this way, the data can be transferred automatically and within seconds to a CRM system and follow-up processes.


Are you having regular customers, for example business travellers, who regularly visit your hotel? Offer these regular guests a customer-oriented, convenient solution with a self-check-in. With tickets or barcodes that your regular customers receive on their smartphone, for example, they can check in independently and contactlessly at your hotel. Anytime, day or night!

Are you required by law to send guest information to authorities? In some countries, proactive registration of your guests’ data is mandatory. With our identity verification solutions for hotels, you can pass on guest data directly to the relevant authorities.

Identity Verification in 4 simple steps:


The user scans the MRZ code


The user holds the ID card next to the NFC-enabled smartphone


The relevant data is verified with the user

The data is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel. Background checks verify the validity of the ID card and whether it has been blocked.


The verification process is completed

You may continue with your customer onboarding process.

The benefits of our server based chip verification for hotels

  • You can be sure that you receive the correct data of your guests.
  • As a hotel owner, you comply with the legal requirement.
  • You speed up the process and save your staff and guests the time-consuming task of filling out the forms.
  • The error-proneness and illegibility of forms filled out by hand are eliminated.
  • You protect the environment and do without paper.

OVD Kinegram is the global leader in protecting identities

120+ Countries

KINEGRAM technology has been chosen by more than 120 countries to protect their most important identity documents.

35+ Years of Innovation

For more than 35 years, OVD Kinegram has been the main innovation driver in security solutions for government documents.

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