Verify the Identity While Onboarding new Customers With the Server-Based Chip Verification Solution

Build trust, eliminate fraud and onboard more customers with OVD Kinegram’s chip verification solution

Due to increasingly stringent regulations, companies are becoming more responsible for preventing money laundering and other fraud. Accordingly, identity verification checks during the onboarding of new customers are an integral part of the compliance management of obligated companies. The minimum requirements of Know Your Customer checks include the secure and reliable identification of the contract partner.

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are essential to any business that wants to accurately assess customer risk. KYC processes ensure that you know the identity of your customers and the risks they could pose to your organization. OVD Kinegram’s solutions help businesses meet regulatory requirements and beyond.

Why choose OVD Kinegram for identity verification?

OVD Kinegram is the global leader in protecting identities. We are working to create the most comprehensive and cohesive identity verification solution on the market. Our approach is to closely work with our customers to find and implement the best possible solution for their business.

Stay on top of compliance requirements

Know Your Customer regulations are continually changing and adapting. Whereas these rules once only affected financial institutions such as banks, today they are essential for a number of financial and non-financial institutions. The entities regulated by KYC requirements vary from one country to another; particularly as legislation is often implemented at a national level.

This is where our MOBILE CHIP SDK and our MOBILE SCAN SDK come into place.

Simple and easy to use identity verification

All it takes is an electronic ID and a smartphone to make it easy for customers to sign up for your services.

OVD Kinegram’s server-based chip verification is a flexible and easy to use solution, using what your customers already have: A national identity document with the eMRTD feature enabled and a smartphone with NFC turned on.

This makes OVD Kinegram’s server-based chip verification an easy to implement solution to verify integrity and authenticity of your customers identity document.

Know you Customer with the Server based Chip verification solution of Kinegram

Server-based chip verification allows a secure identity verification for trustworthy and reliable onboarding


All communications are encrypted. We deliver SDKs that you may use in your own apps, data centers and IT infrastructure.


Verifying identity takes less than a minute and can be done conveniently at any time – there is no need for your customers to wait in line.


Users have the choice of their preferred identification methods and full control over the release of personal data.


The product conforms to applicable laws and regulations.

Seamless identity verification using a passport

Logo Chip InsideThe identity document must have a chip inside symbol. The smartphone requires Near Field Communication (NFC) interface as the mobile device acts as card reader and transmits data over an encrypted channel to backend servers in your data center.

Identity Verification in 4 simple steps

1.The user scans the MRZ code

2.The user holds the ID card next to the NFC-enabled smartphone.

3.The relevant data is verified with the user. The data is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel.

4.The verification process is completed. You may continue with your customer onboarding process.

OVD Kinegram’s server-based chip verification enables secure and easy identification for many use cases

Compliant with current laws and regulations, our server-based chip verification is relevant for digital identification in many industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, airlines, car rental, hotels and government. Users can enjoy seamless identity verification to purchase a prepaid SIM card, open bank accounts, make digital deposits, and verify themselves for access to insurance platforms or personal information.

Benefit from our in-depth industry and expert knowledge and get in contact with OVD Kinegram.

Better for your business

  • Improve conversion rate
  • Ensure a high level of regulatory compliance
  • Customize and integrate with backend applications and processes
  • Keep sensitive customer data secure

Better for your customers

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device
  • Verification takes less than a minute to complete
  • No need for additional hardware
  • Simple and easy to use

Identity verification with OVD Kinegram leads to

Identity Document Authentication

Electronic travel documents such as ID cards or passports with a chip were designed with digital authentication in mind. Unlock the potential and avoid onboarding customers presenting fake documents.

Trusted Identity Verification

The confidence in onboarding a customer raises with a genuine and authenticated identity document as a root of trust. A picture obtained from an electronic travel document provides a reliable picture for face matching.

Reduced Development Costs

Focus on the development of your core business and get rid of the slack developing the surrounding technology. Leave chip verification to the specialists.

Fast Implementation Time

Our docker-based chip verification and the slim mobile component are simple to integrate into existing back-ends and mobile apps.

The advantages of OVD Kinegram’s server-based chip verification

Fully customizable

You can fully customize the end-user design and color schemes to match your branding. Our team is here to help you seamlessly integrate your app (on the basis of our SDK) with your back-end systems and business processes.

Real-time identity verification

It takes less than a minute to verify the authenticity of the chip of an electronic travel document. The biometric information for face comparison can be obtained from the trustworthy picture within the chip. This confirms that a user is who he claims to be.

Simple and easy to use

Assisted photo capture

Our software guides users through the process of photo capturing. Detecting poor lighting, cropped IDs and glare are just a few examples of how Image Capture pre-validates images and gets users through on the first pass.

OVD Kinegram is the global leader in protecting identities

120+ Countries

KINEGRAM technology has been chosen by more than 120 countries to protect their most important identity documents.

35+ Years of Innovation

For more than 35 years, OVD Kinegram has been the main innovation driver in security solutions for government documents.

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