Security and Quality Measures in the MOBILE CHIP SDK

In this article, we take a detailed look at the various security and quality measures in the MOBILE CHIP SDK

With a focus on robust encryption and state-of-the-art security protocols, OVD Kinegram ensures that data integrity and privacy are never compromised, making it a trusted partner for businesses seeking to integrate mobile chip technology securely.

Quality is at the forefront of OVD Kinegram’s development process, where rigorous testing and continuous improvement cycles guarantee that the MOBILE CHIP SDK meets the highest standards of reliability and performance. Through a commitment to innovation and excellence, OVD Kinegram’s MOBILE CHIP SDK emerges as an unparalleled choice for those prioritizing security and quality in their identify document verification and customer onboarding processes.

OVD Kinegram takes the security and quality of its MOBILE CHIP SDK very seriously, implementing a comprehensive suite of measures to ensure that it stands as a top-tier solution in the market

Let us now take a detailed look at the various security and quality measures in the MOBILE CHIP SDK

Technical Measures

OVD Kinegram adopts an array of sophisticated technical measures to ensure that the MOBILE CHIP SDK achieves the highest standards of security and quality. These measures span the entire lifecycle, from initial testing to transmission, and even storage, to provide a robust security framework.

Security Mechanisms During the Check

Checksums, hashes, and signatures are fundamental to the chip’s security framework. These mechanisms validate the integrity and authenticity of data, effectively preventing tampering and ensuring that the information remains unchanged from its original state.

Adherence to ICAO 9303 cryptographic protocols plays a critical role. These protocols are designed to:

  • Prevent skimming of data from the contactless Integrated Circuit (IC),
  • Block eavesdropping on communications between the contactless IC and reader,
  • Authenticate data stored on the contactless IC using the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and
  • Authenticate the contactless integrated circuit itself, ensuring its legitimacy and security.

When Transmitting Data

  • The use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) for data transmission secures the data in transit, providing a shield against unauthorized access and interception.
  • The flexibility for customers to configure TLS settings themselves empowers them to tailor the security level to their specific needs.
  • Symmetric and asymmetric keys further enhance the security of data exchanges, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected through encryption.

When Storing Data

  • A pivotal aspect of OVD Kinegram’s approach is that no data is saved permanently; instead, data is deleted immediately after processing
  • This policy of not storing data and the assurance that the software does not create a copy of the data on any persistent storage mediums significantly mitigates the risk of data breaches.
  • The MOBILE CHIP SDK’s architecture ensures increased security and data protection, with the software delivered as a self-contained Docker image. This facilitates easy loading and updates from OVD Kinegram’s repository, without leaving any residual data footprint.

By implementing these comprehensive technical measures, OVD Kinegram ensures that the MOBILE CHIP SDK is not only secure against current threats but is also poised to adapt to future security challenges, maintaining the highest levels of protection and quality.

Organizational measures

OVD Kinegram implements comprehensive organizational measures to ensure that the MOBILE CHIP SDK achieves and maintains the highest standards of security and quality. These measures are meticulously designed to cover every aspect of the development and deployment process, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Security Mechanisms When Writing the Code

Developers adhere to secure coding practices, incorporating security considerations from the outset. This includes following industry-standard guidelines and frameworks to mitigate vulnerabilities and ensure that the code is robust against attacks.

Organizational Measures and Peer-Review Test Processes

  • Code undergoes rigorous peer-review processes, where it is meticulously examined by multiple sets of eyes before being approved. This collaborative scrutiny helps catch errors or vulnerabilities early on.
  • The implementation of thorough test processes ensures that all code is tested in various scenarios, simulating real-world use cases to identify and rectify any potential issues before deployment.

Intense Software Testing

OVD Kinegram conducts extensive software tests across different end devices, including phones and passports, to ensure compatibility and security across a broad spectrum of scenarios and devices. This holistic testing approach guarantees that the SDK performs reliably under diverse conditions.

Training of Software Developers

The software developers of the MOBILE CHIP SDKS are continuous training and further improving their knowledge to keep up to date with the latest security trends, tools and practices. This proactive approach to education fosters a culture of security awareness and expertise within the organization.

Documentation and Knowledge Sharing

The website serves as a central repository for documentation, providing easy access to readmes, change logs, and other relevant information. A structured knowledge exchange within the development team promotes continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring that the team stays ahead of emerging threats and technological advances.

Regular Updates of Codes and Certificates

  • OVD Kinegram ensures that the MOBILE CHIP SDK remains secure against evolving threats through automatic and regular monitoring of public CSCA master lists, updating the Docker container as necessary to include the latest certificates.
  • This process involves updating the Docker Image with the latest CSCA master list, which is then made available to customers via a Docker repository. Customers can download the updated image to receive the most current security certificates and software updates.
  • Regular Docker Image updates not only refresh certificates but also include server and software updates, ensuring that the SDK remains on the cutting edge of security and functionality.

Through these organizational measures, OVD Kinegram not only prioritizes the security and quality of the MOBILE CHIP SDK but also ensures that it adapts to the rapidly changing digital landscape, offering a reliable and secure solution for mobile chip technology.

Security and quality measures in the MOBILE CHIP SDK – Conclusion and outlook

The MOBILE CHIP SDK by OVD Kinegram incorporates a multitude of security and quality measures, meticulously designed to safeguard data integrity, ensure privacy, and maintain the highest standards of operational excellence. This comprehensive approach to security encompasses robust encryption techniques, stringent code review processes, extensive testing across various devices, and the adherence to international cryptographic standards. Such measures are complemented by regular updates to codes and certificates, ensuring that the SDK remains resilient against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.

A key aspect of the MOBILE CHIP SDK’s offering is the flexibility it provides to customers regarding deployment options. Customers have the liberty to choose the deployment model that best suits their operational requirements and security standards:

On-Premise Deployment

For organizations prioritizing data sovereignty and those with specific regulatory or compliance requirements, OVD Kinegram offers the option to run the MOBILE CHIP SDK within their own data centers. This choice allows customers to maintain full control over their data and infrastructure, leveraging their existing security protocols and network configurations.

Identity verification as-a-Service delivered from our ISO Certified Data Centers in Germany

Alternatively, customers may opt for the SDK to be delivered as a service, hosted in OVD Kinegram’s ISO-certified data centers. This option benefits from OVD Kinegram’s rigorous data protection standards, infrastructure resilience, and expertise in managing secure cloud-based solutions. The as-a-service model provides a hassle-free solution for customers, minimizing the need for extensive IT infrastructure and streamlining the deployment process.

This dual deployment strategy not only demonstrates OVD Kinegram’s commitment to providing versatile and secure solutions but also caters to the diverse needs of their clientele, ensuring that regardless of the chosen deployment method, the integrity, security, and quality of the MOBILE CHIP SDK are uncompromised.

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