Components of the MOBILE CHIP SDK

This article outlines the products and components of the MOBILE CHIP SDK.

They are designed to offer a robust and secure solution for integrating and managing identity verification processes.

The MOBILE CHIP SDK from OVD Kinegram is a comprehensive suite of products and components designed to offer a robust and secure solution for integrating and managing identity verification processes. The SDK is thoughtfully divided into various components, each serving a specific function in the suite to enhance the security, efficiency, and user experience of electronic document verification.

eMRTD Connector

The eMRTD Connector plays a crucial role within the MOBILE CHIP SDK as the intermediary that facilitates secure and seamless communication between the identity document, an application and the DocVal Server, specifically focusing on the verification of electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs). Its primary function is to act as a secure bridge, enabling the transfer of data from the electronic identity document’s chip to the DocVal Server for authentication and verification purposes.

Here are key functions and features of the eMRTD Connector:

Secure Communication

The eMRTD Connector ensures that all communications between the electronic document and the DocVal Server are encrypted and secure, safeguarding against potential threats like data interception and unauthorized access.

Data Authentication

It plays a vital role in the authentication process, where it helps in the verification of the chip’s data against security standards and protocols. This includes checking the integrity and authenticity of the document’s digital signatures and certificates.

Customer Experience

By facilitating a direct and secure connection between the user’s device and the DocVal Server, the eMRTD Connector enhances the user experience, making the verification process smooth and efficient. Users can verify their documents without the need for cumbersome procedures, leading to great customer experience.

User Experience Enhancement

In addition, the eMRTD connector provides interface customization options that can be adapted to the company’s design guidelines and thus supports the best possible user experience.

Integration Ease

Designed to be integrated into mobile applications, it allows developers to incorporate electronic document and identity verification functionalities seamlessly into their apps. This integration capability makes it an invaluable tool for developers looking to add eMRTD verification features to their applications.

Broad Compatibility

The eMRTD Connector is designed to be compatible with a wide range of electronic identity documents, ensuring that various types of eMRTDs can be read and verified through the same system. This broad compatibility extends the SDK’s utility across different regions and document types.

In essence, the eMRTD Connector is indispensable within the MOBILE CHIP SDK suite, offering a secure, efficient, and user-friendly solution for the authentication of electronic identity documents. Its ability to facilitate encrypted communication and data verification ensures that the MOBILE CHIP SDK remains a robust tool for organizations looking to implement or enhance their electronic identity document verification processes.

DocVal Server

The DocVal Server within the MOBILE CHIP SDK functions as the core backend system that undertakes the critical role of authenticating and verifying the chips embedded in electronic identity documents, such as passports and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs). It is the central hub where the data extracted from the identity document’s chip is checked against security measures and verification protocols to ensure its authenticity and integrity. This process is vital for confirming the legitimacy of the electronic identity documents and preventing fraud.

Key functions and features of the DocVal Server include:

Authentication and Verification

It performs sophisticated checks on the chip’s data, utilizing cryptographic algorithms to authenticate digital signatures and verify the document’s integrity. This includes validating the document against the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and ensuring that the data has not been tampered with.

Security Protocols

The DocVal Server adheres to international standards and security protocols for electronic document verification, including those set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for eMRTDs. This compliance ensures high levels of security and trustworthiness in the verification process.

Data Privacy

Designed with privacy in mind, the DocVal Server processes sensitive personal data with the utmost care, ensuring that data privacy regulations and standards are strictly followed. This approach safeguards the personal information of individuals during the verification process.


The server is built to handle requests at scale, accommodating the needs of various organizations, from small entities to large-scale operations. This scalability ensures that the system remains efficient and responsive, even under high or surging demand.

Integration with other (Backend-) Systems

The DocVal Server can be seamlessly integrated with other systems and databases, enabling organizations to cross-reference and further validate the authenticity of the documents and the information contained within them.

Updates and Maintenance

Regular updates and maintenance ensure that the DocVal Server (delivered as Docker Image) stays ahead of emerging threats and continues to support the latest security standards and document features. This includes updating cryptographic keys and adjusting to new security features introduced in electronic documents.

In summary, the DocVal Server is the backbone of the MOBILE CHIP SDK’s document verification process, providing a secure, reliable, and scalable solution for authenticating the chips in identity documents. Its role is fundamental in ensuring the integrity and authenticity of documents, thus playing a crucial part in securing transactions and interactions that require verified identity documents.

Components of the MOBILE CHIP SDK

App Clips and Instant Apps

App Clips (iOS) and Instant Apps (Android) within the MOBILE CHIP SDK serve a unique and innovative role, specifically designed to streamline, and enhance the user experience in mobile document verification processes. These features allow users to access and utilize a lightweight version of a mobile application for quick tasks – such as document and identity verification – without the need for downloading and installing the full application. This functionality is pivotal in scenarios where immediate verification is required but the user may not have the app installed or does not wish to install a full application for a one-time use.

Key functionalities and advantages of App Clips and Instant Apps include:

Ease of Access

They provide immediate access to the app’s core functionality, such as document and identity verification, without the barrier of a full download and installation process. This ease of access significantly improves user engagement and satisfaction.

Speed and Efficiency

By focusing on the specific task of document verification, App Clips and Instant Apps are designed to load quickly, offering a fast and efficient user experience. This speed is crucial in time-sensitive situations where rapid identity document verification is needed.

Seamless User Experience

They integrate seamlessly into the user’s journey, being triggered by actions such as scanning a QR code or clicking a link, which then leads directly to the document verification process.

Drive Full App Adoption

While serving an immediate need, they also act as a gateway for users to discover the full functionalities of the app, potentially leading to the download of the full version for a more comprehensive experience.

In essence, App Clips and Instant Apps within the MOBILE CHIP SDK are designed to make the identity document verification process as accessible and user-friendly as possible. By eliminating the barriers to entry for users to engage with the app’s services, they not only enhance the user experience but also broaden the reach of the application’s verification capabilities to a wider audience.

Web Frontend

The Web Frontend within the MOBILE CHIP SDK is an integral component designed to facilitate web-based online identity document verification in a user-friendly and efficient manner. This serves as the initial point of interaction for users wishing to verify the authenticity of their electronic Machine-Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs) through a streamlined process. By providing an accessible interface, the Web Frontend simplifies the verification process, enabling users to engage with the technology effortlessly.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Web Frontend functions:

Starting the Process

Users begin by accessing the OVD Kinegram eMRTD Connector Demo via the Web Frontend. This demo acts as a gateway for users to experience the capabilities of the SDK in a controlled environment.

Entering Information

To initiate the verification process, users are prompted to enter just a few pieces of information: the Document Number, Date of Birth, and Date of Expiry of their eMRTD. This minimal data requirement is designed to simplify the user’s interaction while ensuring the process remains secure.

QR Code Generation

Once the necessary information is submitted, the website generates a QR code. This QR code represents a secure, encrypted link to proceed with the verification process.

Scanning and App Download

Users can then scan this QR code with their iOS or Android smartphone. Scanning the code triggers the temporary download of the OVD Kinegram App Clip (for iOS) or Instant App (for Android). These applications are lightweight versions of the full application, designed to provide a quick and efficient verification process without the need for users to download and install a full app.

Seamless Verification Experience

The temporary App Clip or Instant App guides the user through the remaining steps of the document verification process, leveraging the capabilities of the MOBILE CHIP SDK to authenticate the user’s eMRTD securely and accurately.

The Web Frontend of the MOBILE CHIP SDK exemplifies how sophisticated technology can be made easily accessible and user-friendly. It bridges the gap between advanced document verification processes and users’ need for a straightforward, quick, and secure way to authenticate their identity documents online. Through this process, OVD Kinegram not only enhances the user experience but also upholds the highest standards of security and efficiency in online identity verification.

Components of the MOBILE CHIP SDK – Conclusion & Outlook

Together, these components form a cohesive and comprehensive solution for electronic document verification. By dividing the MOBILE CHIP SDK into these specific elements, OVD Kinegram ensures that clients can tailor the system to their unique needs, providing both flexibility and robust security. This modular approach not only simplifies the integration of electronic document verification into existing systems but also enhances the overall user experience by making the process more accessible and user-friendly.

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