Evaluate our Web-Based Online Identity Verification

This article outlines the simplicity of trialing our secure identity verification solution using our web-based online identity verification.

Our range of evaluation possibilities is designed to cater to different needs and to represent the broad variety of the technology we provide. This range features quick on-site verifications through the DIGITAL SEAL app, along with broader integrated choices such as App Clips and Instant Apps. For verifying identities online, we offer a user-friendly web interface. Moreover, our on-premise test server offers a more detailed and flexible alternative.

Web-Based Online Identity Verification

Online identity verification through a website offers several advantages, both for the organizations that implement it and for the individuals whose identities are being verified.

This is how our Web-based online identity verification works

Secure identity verification in five simple steps:


Open the OVD Kinegram eMRTD Connector Demo.

Enter just a few information to start the process:

  • Document Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Expiry
Evaluate our Web-Based Online Identity Verification - Kinegram Digital Solutions

The website generates a QR code that you can simply scan with your iOS or Android smartphone

Evaluate our Web-Based Online Identity Verification - Kinegram Digital Solutions

The OVD Kinegram App Clip or Instant App is then temporarily downloaded

Evaluate our Web-Based Online Identity Verification - Kinegram Digital Solutions

With the OVD Kinegram Chip Connector, you enable the secure server to verify the chip of your ID document via NFC

Evaluate our Web-Based Online Identity Verification - Kinegram Digital Solutions

The results are displayed immediately in your browser

Key Benefits of the Web-Based Online Identity Verification

  • Seamless User-Journey: This process enables a seamless interaction between browser and smartphone. The user can start the identity document check on the computer, verify the chip with the smartphone using NFC and receive the results on the computer.
  • No-App solutions: Your customer does not have the hurdle of having to actively download a separate app for identity document verification. Thanks to the App Clips and Instant App solution, this is simply done in the background. Nevertheless, a seamless user experience is provided.
  • Global accessibility: It allows the verification of identities from anywhere in the world, facilitating global business operations and enabling remote access for users.
  • Efficiency and speed: The process is largely automated, leading to quicker verification compared to manual checks. This efficiency is vital in user-centric services where time is of the essence, like in banking, at airlines, hotels, car rental or e-government.
  • Cost-effective: Automating identity verification reduces the need for physical infrastructure and personnel to manually check documents, leading to cost savings for organizations.
  • User convenience: Users can verify their identity online without needing to physically present documents or visit an office, offering greater convenience and a better user experience.
  • Accuracy and reliability: Automated systems can be more accurate than manual checks, as they reduce human error and consistently apply verification criteria.
  • Scalability: Online identity verification systems can easily scale to handle large numbers of verifications, which is beneficial for growing businesses and peak usage times.
  • Customization and integration: These systems can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements and easily integrated with other digital systems and databases for a seamless user experience.

The Advantages of a Web-Based Online Identity Verification

The advantages of a web-based online identity verification can vary depending on the perspective and role within an organization. Let’s break it down for a CEO, CTO, and a Software Developer:

For a CEO

  • Market competitiveness: Implementing cutting-edge identity verification technologies can position the company as a leader in security and trust, which is vital for customer retention and acquisition.
  • Strategic growth: Facilitates expansion into new markets, especially online and global markets, where verifying the identity of remote customers is crucial.
  • Brand reputation: Strong identity verification processes improve customer trust and brand reputation, as customers feel more secure transacting with the company.
  • Risk management: Enhances the organization’s security posture by reducing the risk of identity fraud and associated legal and financial repercussions.
  • Regulatory compliance: Assures compliance with various international and local regulations related to customer identification, which is crucial for avoiding fines and legal issues.

For a CTO

  • Technical strategy: Aligns identity verification technology with the broader IT strategy and goals of the organization.
  • System integration: Focuses on integrating identity verification solutions seamlessly with existing software architecture and systems, enhancing overall tech infrastructure without disrupting operations.
  • Innovation: Keeps the company at the forefront of technological advancements by implementing the latest methods in identity verification.
  • Data security: Ensures the secure handling and storage of sensitive personal data, which is crucial in maintaining user trust and complying with data protection laws.
  • Scalability and performance: Ensures that the identity verification system is scalable and reliable, capable of handling high volumes of verification requests efficiently.

For a Software Developer

  • Easy intergation: Focuses on integrating identity verification processes into applications in a way that is smooth and non-intrusive for the user.
  • System reliability and efficiency: Ensures that the identity verification process is reliable and efficient, optimizing code and system architecture for peak performance.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: Often involves working closely with other teams like cybersecurity, data privacy, and compliance to develop a comprehensive solution.
  • Security focus: Develops a keen understanding of security practices and standards, an essential skill in modern software development.
  • Technical challenge and skill development: Working on identity verification solutions presents interesting challenges and learning opportunities, especially in fields like cryptography, biometrics, and machine learning.

For each role, online identity verification represents a balance of technological innovation, security enhancement, and strategic business growth, albeit with different focal points and responsibilities.

Evaluate the Web-Based Electronic Travel Document Verification – Conclusion and Outlook

The web-based online identity verification offered by OVD Kinegram, recognized as a global leader in identity protection, presents an exceptional blend of innovative technology and user-friendly simplicity for ID document verification.

The advantages of web-based online identity verification are manifold, ranging from heightened security and fraud prevention to global accessibility and user convenience. These systems, leveraging advanced technologies, offer a more efficient and accurate means of verifying identities compared to traditional methods.

In terms of evaluating these systems, the process can be straightforward, provided that clear criteria such as accuracy, speed, user experience, and compliance are established.

This ease of evaluation, combined with the tangible benefits of online identity verification, underscores its growing importance in our increasingly digital world.

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