Evaluate our App Clips and Instant Apps

This article highlights the ease of testing our secure identity document verification solution using App Clips and Instant Apps, designed specifically for reliable identity verification.

We offer a variety of evaluation options tailored to meet our customers’ diverse requirements. Our offering includes rapid on-device validations via the DIGITAL SEAL app, as well as App Clips (iOS) and Instant Apps (Android). For online identity verification, we provide an easy-to-use web interface to start the process. Additionally, our on-premise test server presents a more in-depth and adaptable solution.

App Clips and Instant Apps: Streamlined Onboarding

Let’s have a short look on what App Clips and Instant Apps are

What are App Clips?

App Clips are a feature for iOS devices that offer a small part of an app for quick use without the need for a full app download. They are designed to be lightweight and fast, allowing users to access a specific functionality of an app instantly, such as renting a scooter, making a payment, or verifying an identity. App Clips can be easily launched and used through QR codes or shared links, and they provide a streamlined, focused experience that doesn’t require committing to the full app. Once an App Clip is used, users have the option to download the full version of the app for more extensive features if they choose.

What are Instant Apps?

Instant Apps for Android are a feature that allows users to run a portion of an app immediately, without needing to install it fully on their device. This provides a convenient way for users to access and experience a specific feature or service of an app without the commitment of a full download. Instant Apps are designed to be lightweight and efficient, launching with just a tap on a URL, like loading a web page. They offer a practical solution for quick interactions, like making a purchase or onboard a customer, and can be a great way for users to preview an app’s functionality before deciding to install the full version.

App Clips on iOS and Instant Apps on Android are essentially two sides of the same coin, offering users a seamless way to access specific features of an app without the need for full installation. Both provide a convenient and lightweight experience, bridging the gap between app discovery and usage with minimal friction.

Evaluate our App Clips and Instant Apps

The goal of many companies is to securely verify the identity of new customers and to automate the customer onboarding process as far as possible. For companies, it would make sense if their customers would install the company app on their smartphones for this purpose. With the MOBILE CHIP SDK from OVD Kinegram integrated into the company’s software landscape, new customers could be verified and onboarded quickly and securely.

The problem is that only a few customers would install an app “only” for identity verification. This is where the App Clips and Instant Apps technology comes in and bridges the gap.

This is how our App Clips and Instant Apps Based Identity Verification Works

Secure Identity Verification in Four Simple Steps

1. Integrate our eMRTD Connector into your App Clip (iOS) or Instant App (Android) and use the DocVal Server as a service or install the DocVal Server on premise.

2. Publish your own app as an App Clip or Instant App.

3. As your app is enriched with our eMRTD Connector, you can securely verify the identity of your customers and largely automate the onboarding process.

4. Customers do not have to actively install an app from an app store, but can use your App Clip or Instant App quickly and easily.

What are the Advantages of App Clips or Instant Apps Compared to a “Fully Blown” app?

Key Benefits

  • Integration: You incorporate the MOBILE CHIP SDK from OVD Kinegram into your applications.
  • App availability: Make the app accessible as an App Clip (iOS) or Instant App (Android).
  • Ease of onboarding: Your customer can easily onboard without needing to install a full app.
  • Less storage space required: Your customers need to download less data and therefore require less storage space on their smartphones than with full apps.

For each of these roles, App Clips (iOS) and Instant Apps (Android) offer distinct advantages over traditional, fully-fledged apps:

For a CEO

  • Market reach and customer engagement: App Clips and Instant Apps allow for a quicker, more direct way to reach potential customers. They offer a “try before you buy” customer experience that can significantly boost user engagement and potentially increase conversion rates. This can be particularly beneficial in driving sales or user sign-ups.
  • Brand awareness and marketing: These tools can be a powerful part of a marketing strategy. By providing an immediate, hassle-free experience, they enhance brand visibility and reputation. It’s an innovative way to showcase the company’s commitment to user convenience and technological advancement.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Deploying an App Clip or Instant App can be more cost-effective than developing and marketing a full app. They require fewer resources to maintain and can be a strategic way to test market interest in a new app or service without a significant upfront investment.

For a CTO

  • Technical innovation and efficiency: App Clips and Instant Apps represent cutting-edge technology in providing efficient and streamlined user experiences. They can be a testament to the company’s innovation and technical prowess, showcasing the ability to leverage the latest technologies for practical purposes.
  • App Clips and Instant Apps provide a frictionless user experience by eliminating the barrier of app installation, thereby increasing user engagement and reducing abandonment rates.
  • Reduced development complexity and faster time to market are crucial for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. They enable companies to swiftly respond to market demands, adapt to changing trends, and capitalize on emerging opportunities, ultimately ensuring a competitive edge and maximizing potential revenue streams.

For a Software Developer

  • Focused development and rapid deployment: Developers can focus on perfecting a specific feature or service rather than developing a comprehensive app. This allows for quicker deployment and the ability to update and iterate rapidly based on user feedback.
  • User experience and feedback: Working on App Clips or Instant Apps allows developers, get direct feedback on specific features or services, just like with full apps. This can be invaluable for user experience improvement, as it provides clear data on what works well and what needs refinement.
  • Technical skill enhancement: Developing these smaller, more focused apps requires a deep understanding of efficient coding and user experience design. This can be a great opportunity for developers to hone their skills in creating high-performance, user-centric applications.

In summary, for all these roles, App Clips and Instant Apps offer a streamlined, efficient, and user-focused approach that can drive innovation, market reach, and operational efficiency.

Evaluate the App Clip and Instant App Based Identity Verification – Conclusion and Outlook

OVD Kinegram, a worldwide front-runner in securing identities, provides an outstanding combination of cutting-edge technology and effortless usability in its App Clips and Instant Apps based identity verification services. This approach revolutionizes ID document verification with its innovative and user-centric design.

App Clips and Instant Apps represent a significant leap forward in identity verification. They bridge the user journey between computers and smartphones. They blend convenience, security, and efficiency in a way that aligns with modern user expectations and business needs. Their adoption marks a move towards more user-centric and agile digital services and onboarding processes.

Looking ahead, we can expect these platforms to evolve with advancements in technology, offering even more robust and seamless experiences. As customer-centric user journeys continue to advance, the potential for even more accurate and user-friendly identity verification processes increases. Furthermore, as more businesses recognize the advantages of these platforms, we may see a broader adoption across various industries, paving the way for a more streamlined, secure, and efficient digital landscape.

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